Be Inspired

We are excited to present two inspiring sessions in lieu of the workshop series that have run during the previous awards. With a focus on mental health, resilience and reinvigorating the essence of our businesses these two speakers over two sessions will discuss how Taupō can elevate you and your team with a revived sense of purpose.

Revive Summit

Joe Davis Stella Awards | Be inspired

Thursday 4 August 2022,
5.30pm - 7pm,
Great Lake Centre, Taupō

We are excited to bring renowned speaker Joe Davis to Taupō as part of the Spark Business Stella Awards. Joe is the CEO and founder of Nanogirl Labs and author of Silver Linings, business success stories during the time of Covid. With a focus on mental health, resilience and reinvigoration, this session will discuss how you can elevate your business with a revived sense of purpose.

Joe Davis is a leader, innovator and author with a deep passion for bringing teams together around big challenges with real purpose. Co-Founder & CEO of Nanogirl Labs with wife and business partner Dr Michelle Dickinson, Joe’s current mission is to democratise access to world class education, working across technology, education and entertainment to inspire, educate and empower learners.

Joe is the author of Silver Linings, a book which explores the journeys of more than 100 NZ businesses and community leaders who have found ways to respond and thrive during New Zealand’s first COVID-19 ‘lockdown’. The work behind the book has led Joe, and co-author David Downs, to form a clear thesis as to what makes companies able to innovate and be resilient when a crisis strikes.

Tickets are free for Stella Awards entrants, Towncentre Taupō, and Taupō Business Chamber members.

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Jimi Hunt Stella Awards | Be inspired

5 July 2022, 7am - 9.30am
Great Lake Centre, Taupō

Jimi Hunt, co-founder of the charity Live More Awesome, will lay out his new 'Hierarchy of Mental Fitness'. The steps and strategies that we all need to learn and embody to ensure we have all the right tools for any situation.

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